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Welcome! This is a portal to information about art, visions, and thoughts about things
known and unknown. Take a look around and join me in a dialogue about our lives, our times, our art, and hypothesis on our purpose and existence. My intentions for the content of this site are good and honorable. Since we have free will and the capability to question everything I will create no boundaries and have no limitations as to where I/we may go. I am quite open in my discussions and some of the content of this site may not be suitable for children and the immature. My right to privacy along with yours are of the utmost importance to me. What you say here will remain here and I will protect all of us with as much power I have in distribution and copyright. The words here are for all of us so take what you need.

In order to function in this world, we have to take certain things on faith, like the fact that there is an external reality separate from our own minds, and that our senses reveal that to us, however imperfectly. But deep down, we know it could all be meaningless. Nothing is sacred or certain or eternally "true". It's just a bunch of hunches and observations and logic and rules of thumb strung together until we've got a framework we can work with. Those frameworks change over time. Our theories and outlooks and philosophies are all in flux.

The foundation, the only thing we really know, the idea that puts all of our "knowledge" into perspective, is that we really don't know anything. At best, we act like we do because it seems to work. But don't forget that it's all built on shifting sands.


I will I not die an un-lived life. I will not live in fear of becoming nothing. I choose to inhabit my life. To allow my living to open me, to loosen my heart, until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance. To let that which comes to me as a seed go on as a flower. I'm well aware that opinion can easily disguise itself as integrated truth.

So here I will share and teach what I can and ask you to share and teach us what you can.


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